puzzle l.t.d is a sister company of elgal industries. el-gal has over 40 years of experience in the Israeli/International market. The company was established to comprehensively address the contractors’ market, with an emphasis on housing projects.

We established a Coordination and Tenant Acceptance system, an advanced logistic center in Sderot, exhibition halls and headquarters located at Kfar Ruth, in proximity to the main exhibition hall in Modiin.

Puzzle is an importer that purchases and sells all its products independently and therefore, can price them attractively, without compromising on quality. The company is the sole importer of Vitra Turkey products, alongside products from Italy, Spain, Ukraine, India and China.

Our logistic system is of the most advanced in the field and is supported by two logistic centers (Modiin & Sderot) that spread over thousands of square meters.

We take tenant experience seriously and emphasize display visibility, accompaniment and service. Our company developed interfaces for inviting tenants and signing them digitally, for convenience purposes and to avoid mistakes in the supply chain.

Puzzle proudly raises the banner of “Discounted Price per Tenant” and “Reduced Price” projects and provides service to the most successful construction and entrepreneurship companies in Israel (Electra Construction / Elhar / Stern / Azorim / Y. H. Dimri and more). We supply products to all project types in Israel, including luxury projects. In addition, we operate a distribution line for merchants, sales for the retail segment, projects abroad (export) and more.

Exhibition halls:

El-Gal House, 2 Zela Hahar street, Modiin

11 Hasatat street, Eilat


Logistic Center:

Yevulim Site, Shaar Hanegev Industrial Zone


Company offices:

Kfar Ruth | Phone 08-6777266  |  info@home-puzzle.co.il

Ronny Roup | CEO   |  +972-50-268-8224  | roni@home-puzzle.co.il

Gilad Navon | Vice President for Sales |  +972-50-661-1129  |  gilad@home-puzzle.co.il

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